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  • Outdoor Patio Screens: How They Work and the Best Options to Consider

    Does your home feature an outdoor space or existing patio that you have been wanting to turn into a functional all-season room? Creating a patio enclosure with motorized retractable screens is able to create the best indoor and outdoor living space. Keep reading to learn how patio screens work, and the best options you should […]

  • Planning For A Motorized Screen? Avoid These Common Mistakes

    Rose Sun Window Coverings automated shades

    Today, we will go over any highly visible mistakes that occur when tab-tensioned motorized screens are not designed correctly for the amount of drop selected. Extra Drop All projection screen venues will need to be properly measured. While a majority of people do this, some others make the mistake of just adding drop and then […]

  • Enjoy Your Skylight Windows at All Times with Custom Window Treatments

    Skylight Shades

    Skylights are very sought-after because they provide homes with amazing views and allow natural light to come inside. This will make the rooms inside your house feel larger and brighter, so there are a number of advantages to them. While skylights are a beautiful feature to have, you likely don’t want light from the outside […]

  • Do I Have Enough Window Depth For My Blinds

    Motorized Blinds

    If you’re looking to purchase blinds for your windows, taking accurate measurements is essential for a good, custom fit. Here are some steps you should take before ordering your new blinds. Inside Mount or Outside Mount Blinds? Inside mount blinds are installed inside the window casing. They are often used in combination with curtains, which […]

  • Decorating Windows Creatively For Any Aesthetic

    One of the most exciting parts of becoming an adult involves having full control over your own home, including how you wish to design it. Home design is a big way to express your personality, and windows are one of the big ways to bring a design together. Choosing window decorations can make or break […]

  • How Long Do Motorized Blinds Last?

    Motorized Screens

    It can be very tempting to opt into the luxury of motorized window blinds and screens. The added benefit of being able to control your blinds by remote control or wall switch makes them a very convenient option when installing them in your home. This is especially handy for windows or skylights that are difficult […]

  • Motorized Pergolas Are An Outdoor Living Game-changer

    Motorized Screens

    Motorized Pergolas Are An Outdoor Living Game-changer If you’re looking for a fully functional and unique outdoor living solution, motorized pergolas are the answer. This is a feature that will change your outdoor experience and will allow you to enjoy your backyard far more often. Manual pergola options exist, although motorized ones are taking over […]

  • Do Awnings Add Home Value?

    Motorized Screens

    Do Awnings Add Home Value? If you’re considering adding a new awning, you’re probably wondering whether or not this fixture will add value to your home. The answer is yes, an awning will increase the value of your house because it will create additional space while providing a shaded area outside where you can spend […]

  • How To Properly Care And Clean Your Retractable Shade Awning

    Motorized Screens

    How To Properly Care And Clean Your Retractable Shade Awning Summer is fast approaching, which means it’s time to open up your retractable awning and enjoy yourself comfortably outside. However, before you do so, you should ensure your retractable awning is cleaned and ready to go. Regular maintenance and care for your awning should be […]

  • Motorized Shades – Benefits and Common Misconceptions

    Motorized Screens

    Motorized Shades – Benefits and Common Misconceptions Most homeowners agree that window treatments are a necessity for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of their homes, as well as privacy. With motorized shades, you can choose from battery operated or hardwired solutions. Battery powered shades are ideal for homes where cabling might be too labour intensive. If […]