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11 Stylish Window Treatment Ideas To Try

by | May 11, 2024

A bare window is a missed opportunity for adding style or even completely changing the whole appearance of a room. If you have some windows that need dressing, but you’re in need of inspiration, then here are 11 stylish window treatment ideas that will make a big impression in your home. Not only will they effectively control the light and offer privacy, but they’ll turn your windows into beautiful focal points in any room.

Embrace Full Length

Fewer window treatments exude elegance the way floor-to-ceiling drapes do. Even if you have high ceilings or windows, place your curtains  from the ceiling so that the full length extends down a few inches above the floor. By using the full length of your walls, it creates long lines that draw the eye upwards, giving your space a grandeur appearance. If your window treatments are too high to effectively close or open, motorized tracks can help move high-placed drapes with ease.

Layer Multiple Colours

To achieve a fun, multi-dimensional look, you can layer multiple curtains of different colors. Layering is a great way of adding privacy and controlling light in your room–and you don’t have to layer with just curtains. Combining horizontal-closing window coverings like roller shades or cellular shades with drapes or sheers is a beautiful way of framing your windows while adding textural contrast and dimension.

Achieve Total Darkness with Blackout Curtains

For media rooms or rooms that let in a lot of light at night, blackout curtains can give you a completely dark room when you need it. But don’t worry, blackout curtains don’t need to be black or other dark colours — you can achieve a blackout effect by using thick, heavy materials or a good thick/opaque curtain liner of any colour.

Go Green

If you want to combine style with better energy efficiency, there are options for that too. The unique cellular design of honeycomb shades has a clean and modern design that helps increase insulation. Honeycomb shades are a stylish way of reducing drafts, regulate indoor temperatures and keeps your heating bill down.

Embrace Minimalistic Window Treatments

If modern and minimal is the look you’re going for, then you’ll want your window treatments to create a streamlined appearance in your home. Go for styles in without cords or frills, and that look clean and tidy when retracted. Roller shades are an excellent example of a simple yet modern design, and their motor compatibility means you won’t have to be fussing with any cords.

Breezy Look

Make your interior feel bright and open with sheers drapes that provide privacy while letting in filtered light. By combining sheers with retractable screens, you can achieve an open and airy feeling in your home. This style looks great particularly near balconies or any door that leads to an outdoor living space.

Soft Neutrals

If your style is contemporary, you can match a lot of different colour schemes by going with neutrals or quasi-neutrals such as brown, cream, gray, soft blue, taupe and other shades. Neutral colours can be found in all kinds of window treatments, including curtains, roman shades, honeycomb shades, and more.

Matching Casings

If your window treatments use casings then you have the opportunity of using them in your interior design.  You can either choose to  accent colour or making them blend perfectly in with your existing interior with either a wood grain finish or custom colour.

Bold, Colorful Patterns

You can turn your window treatments into statement pieces in your home by adorning them with bright, colorful patterns. You can choose a color or design that plays off the shades and patterns of your throw pillows, carpeting, wallpaper, or furniture. Aside from drapes and curtains, roman shades are another option that can be made with custom material.


You can complete a black and white interior with choosing white window coverings, or going with black and white patterned drapes. White is a popular choice for roller shades, cellular shades, or sheets, but roman shades can also be custom made in various patterns that you can.

Natural Materials

Give your home warmth by using window treatments made of natural materials such as bamboo, teak, or other woods and weaves. Wooden window treatments are perfect for rooms that have a “back to nature” vibe and complements greenery and other rich wood furniture in your home.

No matter what your interior design goals, there’s a window treatment that will help you pull off the look you want. Remember that even though your window treatments play an important practical role in your home (by offering privacy and controlling light) they are also a major focal point in your homes’ design. We hope that you were able to take some inspiration for your own home with these stylish window treatment ideas.