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  • How Window Blinds Automation Is Changing Life at Home

    Home automation might seem like a trend, but rest assured it isn’t going anywhere. The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly expanding to include more objects in the home, from your deadbolt to your showerhead, and your window treatments. So whether or not home automation is something you’ve come to accept, the research shows people […]

  • Areas of the Home That Benefit from Motorized Blinds

        Today, powered blinds are growing in popularity as homeowners look for ways to automate and increase the convenience of their home. When choosing window treatments, they should complement the function of each room, and powered blinds are versatile enough to enhance all areas of your house.   If you’re wondering how you could […]

  • Best Insulating Electric Window Coverings

    Now that winter is here, you may have felt the drafts creeping in, especially around those large bay window, skylights, or other picture windows. What you may not know, is that shades are actually an excellent way of adding extra insulation and energy efficiency into your home, and customized electric window coverings make it possible […]

  • 12 Advantages of Motorized Window Coverings You Probably Didn’t Expect

    With the growing popularity of home automation, homes are smarter than they ever were before. Electric window treatments are one aspect of home automation that provide a long list of benefits, encompassing everything from fun to better home security. Read our list and we’re sure you’ll be surprised by at least one advantage of motorized […]

  • How to Give Your Home a Modern Interior

    When we think of modern homes what comes to mind is simplicity and a perfect union of function and style.Though neutral palettes and clean lines are trademarks of a modern home, they don’t have to be devoid of personality or deprive the senses. In a hectic world, returning to a soothing, clutter-free environment is often […]

  • Why Skylights Need Electric Blinds

    So you finally have those beautiful skylights you always wanted, the ones that fill your space with bright, natural light. Chances are you’re familiar with all the advantages that come with skylight windows, but what most people don’t consider are shade solutions. This is why most people leave theirs uncovered, and therefore, not as versatile […]

  • Get Better Sleep with Blackout Window Treatments

    Lack of sleep got you beat? It’s possible that the light in your room at night is what is causing all the tossing, turning, and sleepless nights. This is because darkness helps produce melatonin, the naturally occurring hormone that helps put us to sleep. Even small amounts of light can cause a decrease in melatonin […]

  • What Should You Look For in Motorized Blinds?

    So you’ve heard about the benefits of motorized window treatments and want to make the switch yourself. Now’s the time to start asking the bigger questions that will lead you to the best investment possible.  As motorized shades have gained popularity, there are more options than ever before – which can make the process a […]

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating with Motorized Window Treatments

    There’s a lot to consider when choosing window treatments that will give your home the “wow” factor you’re after. Window shapes, angles of the sun, and existing furniture, are just a few of the conditions that need to be examined before making a decision. Electric blinds bring even more options into the equation that need […]

  • 5 Interior Styles You Can Achieve With Motorized Blinds and Shades

    When trying to achieve a particular interior style, the way your window is dressed can either make or break the flow of your design. If you want to keep your theme cohesive and achieve an impressive custom look, then motorized shades and blinds are your best option. Here are some interior styles that can be […]